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About Me

Born in Johannesberg I moved to the UK in 1986 with my parents and brother. As a child I loved to play with my fathers Canon SLR, but it wasn't until I was in my 20s that I bought one for myself. Now it's hard to separate me from my second dSLR, it goes where I go. 

I love to photography landscapes and seascapes, there is something so magical about the hours around sunset and sunrise that just inspires me. There is nothing quite as rewarding as waking up before dawn, driving to my favourite beach and pointing my camera at the sunrise - a flask of English tea in hand. A good landscape has to talk to a persons heart, to really communicate the beauty of the place. 

If I am ever asked about my style of photography  find it hard to describe. Being a very technical person I love HRD and I use it for a large number of my shots. I love the rich colours and amazing depth this technique gives. 

When I am not shooting landscapes I like to go out for photo-walks. Our cities and countryside are just filled with amazing little views. Things we walk past every day, people so occupied in their life they forget that I'm there pointing a camera at them. Central America was, I found, best place for street photography. The people are so expressive and unassuming, they have amazing features and always let me take their photo. 

With macro photography the scientist in me starts to really shine. I love to discover the little details we walk past and never see. I love the little patterns in crystals, or in the cells of a leaf, or in the face of a tiny insect. 

Photography for me is all about love, love of the subject, love of the technique and love of the image at the end. I hope you love some of my images as much as I do. 

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